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Jackson Rathbone: 20 icons in 20 days
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Welcome to rathbone20in20! We're a community that was inspired by many other 20in20 communities like agreene20in20 and celebs20in20. This community gives icon makers a chance to showcase their work with the subject of Jackson Rathbone.

Your mods are alicelover05 calin_durus fire_sister & kaylana_xx


Current Round
*Sign-ups start the 21st of the month and will close on the first or when we've reached 15 participants.

*Round Themes and tables will be available the 1st of the month.

*Round closes on the 20th of the month at 11:59 PST.

*Voting begins the 22nd of the month and winners will announced no later then the 28th.

Current Banner Makers are:
calin_durus kaylana_xx vampyrzheidi

Alternate makers:
alicelover05 fire_sister

Apply here to be a banner maker.
* We are a 20in20 community that centers around Jackson Rathbone :)

* You must be a member to receive posting access and participate. Non-members are more than welcome to participate in voting rounds :)

* Please only sign up if you are committed to making the icons & really want to participate.

* You can choose any images you like except when the theme says otherwise (Example: 100 Monkeys -Picture of Jackson with a member of or at a 100 Monkeys event)

* Icons must fit the lj standard (under 40KB, 100x100px)

* ALL effects are allowed (blending, texture, text..whatever you like)

* No animations, sorry but we are a stills community

* All icons must be new for the round, no previous work will be accepted.

* You may either post a link to your own journal with a preview of 3 icons, or you may post them here with a preview of 3 icons before the cut. Banners with your 'teaser' are okay :)

* NO STEALING. Remember every person who entered worked hard on these, please credit the maker if using their work.


*Please try to comment on each participants work. But be please be respectful

* Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

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